New LED Bezels, Switches and Knobs!

Several new products have been added to our inventory, check them out!

New LED Bezels

The new clear LED bezels are a secure way to mount LEDs and a great alternative to the traditional black plastic bezels. They leave a slick looking finish on your pedal! The metal LED bezels are popular for true bypass loopers.

5mm Clear LED Bezel

5mm Metal LED Bezel

Small Fluted Knobs

These are just like our MXR-style knobs, but smaller and without the skirt. They’re a 15mm diameter with a 10mm height.

Small Fluted Knobs, Black

Small Fluted Knobs, White

Small Fluted Knobs, Cream

Foot Switches

SPST soft touch momentary foot switches with a shorter bushing are now available, as are our high quality 3PDT black switches in a PCB pin format!

SPST Short Momentary Foot Switches

3PDT Foot Switches with PCB Pins