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New Knobs, Switches, and more!

We’ve added several new items to our inventory! First we’ve expanded our range of colors for both Small Fluted Knobs and Small Pointer Knobs: Small Fluted Knobs Yellow Clear Red Purple Mint Blue Small Pointer Knobs Yellow Clear Purple Red Orange Green Blue We’ve also added some new switches, a new style of power jack, […]

New Knobs Arriving In June!

We’ve got several new additions to our knobs catalog arriving next month in June, which include a wider array of colors for a few of our current offerings! Included in the additions are: Pink Pointer Knobs Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Yellow and Clear Small Pointer Knobs Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow and Clear Small […]

New LED Bezels, Switches and Knobs!

Several new products have been added to our inventory, check them out! New LED Bezels The new clear LED bezels are a secure way to mount LEDs and a great alternative to the traditional black plastic bezels. They leave a slick looking finish on your pedal! The metal LED bezels are popular for true bypass […]

New Audio Grade Bi-Polar Capacitors

New to the shop is Nichicon Muse ES series premium audio grade bi-polar electrolytic capacitors! Phew, what a mouthful! These are absolutely top-grade electrolytic capacitors engineered specifically for use in an audio signal path. “Hi-fi” caps, if you will. They feature bi-polar operation, so their orientation in a circuit does not matter. Compared to standard […]

Website Update

We’ve overhauled our website! Our goal in this update was to make an even better shopping experience for our visitors, making it as quick as possible to find the parts you need and get them on to your work bench. We’ve drastically reduced our page loading times through numerous optimizations to make browsing for parts […]