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3.0 Inch Pre-Cut Pre-Stripped Bonded Wire, 22 Gauge

3.0 Inch Pre-Cut Pre-Stripped Bonded Wire, 22 Gauge

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Price includes 10 wires

In our humble opinion, some of the best wire you can get for pedal builds. Not too big, not too small. The wire is stranded, but fully bonded (tinned) so it holds shape easily, solders well and prevents frayed ends.

This wire comes pre-cut to length and pre-stripped. Stop wasting time cutting and stripping dozens of wires for your pedal builds. This will drastically reduce your build times!

Total Length: 3.0 inch
Strip Length:
0.188 inch (3/16") each end

  • 22 gauge hookup wire
  • Stranded
  • Fully bonded to prevent fraying and increase durability and solderability
  • Extremely high quality and durable wire
  • Blue

Note: Picture is for example only. Please see above specifications for actual measurements.

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