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3PDT Foot Switch with LED Ring, Wired, Yellow

3PDT Foot Switch with LED Ring, Wired, Yellow

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NOTE: Current stock has a silver cap like a regular switch, not yellow as pictured.

Introducing new 3PDT foot switches with integrated wired LED rings!

  • Yellow LEDs built into the switch cause the plastic washer to glow bright
  • Latching switch (standard for true bypass switching)
  • Solder lugs
  • High temperature plastic casing
  • High quality internal components
  • Yellow color
  • Includes one nut, one metal washer, one plastic glow washer and one clear washer
  • Leads are approx. 3 1/4" long from base of switch (83mm).

These switches require a 16mm mounting hole (about 5/8"). The LEDs function like a normal LED. The black wire is the negative connection and the colored wire is positive. For a 9V power supply, a 470ohm or greater resistor should be used or the LEDs could be damaged.

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