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DC Jack, Internal Nut

DC Jack, Internal Nut

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  • Standard DC power jack
  • 2.1mm center pin
  • 3 solder lugs for power, ground, and battery clip
  • Internal fastening metal nut
  • Requires 31/64" (or 1/2") mounting hole

Buyer's Guide

There are several types of power jacks you'll find in pedals, the main two types being square jacks that are mounted directly to the PCB, and round jacks that have solder tabs.

Square, PCB mounted jacks are often cheaper and save on assembly costs.  They are mounted directly to the PCB and only require a square cut hole in the enclosure.  The downside to this is that the stress of plugging in and unplugging the power jack is fully absorbed by the solder joints on the PCB itself.  Over time, this can cause the joints to break and a power failure to the device.

These round jacks mount firmly to the enclosure with an internal nut, and are connected to the PCB with wires.  This mounting method means zero stress on solder joints and a much longer lifespan.  Most round power jacks seem to be the same, with slight differences in quality.  One of the bigger quality points is actually the internal nut.  Cheaper nuts are often not threaded properly and will not screw on straight, or possibly not at all.  These jacks have quality nuts that won't cause those issues.

Power jacks also have different internal pin diameters.  These jacks have the standard 2.1mm pin that is compatible with BOSS plugs and most other power supplies.

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