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Wiring Board For 3PDT With LED

Wiring Board For 3PDT With LED

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Wiring PCB board for our 3PDT foot switches with integrated LED.

  • Works with our 3PDT with LED or standard 3PDT foot switches (omit the resistor and do not connect power if using a regular switch - or use the resistor and connect a regular LED to +/- pins).
  • Mounts directly to foot switch and includes a spot for LED resistor.
  • After soldering the switch and resistor, simply connect power, ground, input, output, and effect input and output.
  • LED is on when effect is active and off when bypassed.
  • Effect input is automatically grounded when in bypass to help reduce switch popping.

+V: Power
G: Ground
IN: Input jack tip
SND: PCB Input
RCV: PCB Output
OUT: Output jack tip
+/-: LED positive/negative

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